2010 Batesville High School graduate Ellie Tidman was inducted into the Indiana Association of Track & Cross Country Coaches Hall of Fame in the female category at a banquet Friday, Feb. 7, at the Sheraton Hotel, Keystone at the Crossing, Indianapolis.

Tidman’s reaction? The senior consultant at EpiCentric Consulting, Nashville, Tennessee, says via email, “I did not realize I had been nominated, so I was taken aback.” She didn’t think getting added to the Hall of Fame was a possibility. “It was initially hard for me to fathom what being inducted even meant, to think about having my picture and story on a wall among so many great athletes, coaches and officials. But after the initial shock, I was incredibly excited and grateful for the opportunity. All I can say is that it is an absolute honor.”

Her parents, Mitch Tidman, Cincinnati, and Virge Tidman, Batesville, and two sisters, Gemma, Cincinnati, and Kimberly, Batesville, were at the ceremony. Her mom reports, “First I think we were really surprised” about the induction. “It’s been so long since she won state. We were superexcited and proud of her. It was just amazing. We didn’t expect that. She was one of the youngest ones” being recognized at the banquet.

Three coaches were there to support Tidman. She recalls, “I was very happy to have the opportunity to spend some time with them as I live out of state and do not get the chance to come home often. I was happy to be able to say thank you once again for all they had done for me in a more public fashion. This ceremony was a very meaningful moment in my life and I genuinely felt like everyone that helped me achieve the success I did was present that night and that meant the world.”

Lisa Gausman, who coached the athlete for three years at BHS, says at the banquet, “my main emotion was that of pride. This was a well-deserved honor for them to include her in the Hall of Fame. She was undefeated in the high jump her whole high school career, including the Midwest All-Star meet. A four-time state champion in the same event is very rare. It was an honor for me to be sitting at her table and to be a part of it all. It was also a lot of fun to reminisce about different meets and memories of her high school career, as well as listening to the stories of the other inductees of the night.”

Tidman says, “We talked about my first state competition when I felt like I was in over my head. I felt extremely out of place and inexperienced. Every time my turn to jump came around, I would run up to the bar and stop. I would then run back to my spot and actually take the jump and clear it. I did that for every single height until the last height (5’9’’).

“We talked about how after every jump I would run off the track and up the hill to Lisa, still shaking from the nerves, and how she kept me focused and calmed me down while reassuring me that she had all the confidence in the world that I could do it. We also talked about my senior year when I had a stress fracture in my back and was taking off my giant plastic back brace before the three jumps I took, about how Lisa took my injury into consideration and planned on me skipping (the 5’7’’ height). When she told me the plan, I got really nervous because if I didn’t clear the next height, I would lose my title, but I trusted her and it paid off! I attribute that win in large part to Lisa’s plan and consistent faith in my abilities.”

Gausman describes Tidman as “pretty laid back, but also very strong minded. She is very competitive when it comes to track, volleyball and her career. In fact, she still plays on a volleyball team today. She is super smart and is not one to conform to those around her. She knows her likes and dislikes and doesn’t compromise her beliefs for others. However, she is very loyal and will do anything to help a family member or close friend.”

The coach reflects, “Ellie is one that does not really like to be the center of attention. She knows what her accomplishments are, but is very humble about them and didn’t expect that her resume in track and field would land her an honor such as this, although I did.”

The honoree’s plaque noted, “Ellie Tidman was born in France and arrived in Batesville while in early elementary school, when her father found employment with the Hillenbrand Co.

“She and her two younger sisters became very active in volleyball and track and field. Much of her athletic career was participating on a traveling volleyball team. Finding time for track and field, she had great success winning every competition throughout her high school career, four county championships, three conference championships (she did not participate in her senior year due to a back injury), four IHSAA sectional, regional and state championships. She found time to help her team as a sprinter and is the school record holder in the long jump.

“Tidman won the Midwest Meet of Champions and was named Miss Indiana of Track and Field in 2010.

“Her accomplishments attracted the attention of the coaches of Vanderbilt University,” who awarded her a track and field scholarship.

“The athlete set personal records in both the 2013 and 2015 outdoor seasons (5-9 1/4) and placed in the 2015 Southeastern Conference indoor championships during an injury-plagued collegiate career.

“After college, Tidman spent time as a voluntary coach for Vanderbilt University while starting her business career.”

The young woman is still athletic. “I go to the gym pretty regularly, I enjoy going to yoga, and I play volleyball in a few leagues every week.” She has more favorite pastimes: “I love cooking new recipes I haven’t tried before, going to local concerts with friends, and reading a good fiction book.”

Tidman is grateful to her hometown friends. “I wanted to give a big thank you to the community for all the support throughout the years and to my coaches, notably Lisa Gausman, who I’ve looked up to for years. Her positive attitude, enthusiasm and drive were a crucial part of my success in track and field and have helped shape the person I am today.”

Debbie Blank can be contacted at debbie.blank@batesvilleheraldtribune.com or 812-717-3113.

Debbie Blank can be contacted at debbie.blank@batesvilleheraldtribune.com or 812-717-3113.

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