The Batesville Swim Team won its third meet over Hidden Valley Swim Team June 22 at home with a score of 816-433. Enduring unseasonably cool temperatures, BST females contributed 439 of the total points and males 377.

“Our swimmers are working so hard, having fun and improving. It’s exciting to see how they’ve progressed from day one to now,” says head coach Greg McMullen.

Two swimmers tied for high point contributions against HVLST on individual events. Dylan Shane, 11, and Will Johnson, 14, each scored 28 points. Also scoring high points for the boys were 15-year-olds Sean Callahan and Ben Moster with 26 points each. The BST girls brought in large contributions to the final score as well. Sonja Gaulin, 15, led with 24 points in individual events. Amelia Austin, 14; Kayla Goodwin, 9; Gwen Martin, 17; and Lilly Wonnell, 15, also earned over 20 points for their team.

Many blue ribbons were passed out at the following practice. W. Johnson earned six first place wins, four in individual events and two in relays. G. Martin, S. Callahan, B. Moster and K. Goodwin all received first places in five events, three individuals and two relays.

BST 8&U swimmers dominated with many first and second place sweeps. Beckett Jones, Rhett Gibson, and Cruz Gribben, all 8, took the first, second and third positions in the 25-yard breaststroke and Jax Negovetich and Ryan McGuire, both 8, and Mason Leising, 7, came in first, second and third in the 40-yard freestyle event.

Lydia Niese, 8, and Alice Austin, 7, slid into first and second in the 25-yard breaststroke and Alexis Schiller, 8, and Ana Shane, 7, took first and second in the 25-yard fly. Relay teams L. Niese, A. Shane, Solara Scheel, 8, and A. Schiller as well as Beckham Showalter, 8, Lyla Brougher, 7, Carrigan Owens, 7, and Megan Townsley, 8, took first and second in the 160-yard free relay.

12&U girls also showed up with a first and second place win over HVLST in the 160-yard free relay with Averi Jones, 11, Caroline Niese, 12, Emma Miller, 11, and Madison Goodwin, 11, as well as Reesa Zimmerman, 11, Jenna Zimmerman, 12, Isabel Raab, 12, and Ava Owens, 12. “The swimmers’ improvements were showcased in the meet against Hidden Valley,” comments McMullen.

Batesville swimmers embark on their last busy week with three away meets. “We are super excited to take away another win! It really gets the kids hyped up and ready to compete this last week of the season and get ready for conference. I know we are planning a lot for this week and already have our mind on the future of this team!” says assistant coach Kat Bryan. BST takes on Switzerland County next.

Elizabeth Miller, Batesville, is a parent volunteer.