The Batesville Swim Team continues its winning streak with a fourth win against the Switzerland County Sharks Monday, June 24. The team had over a 300-point lead with the final score 785-410. “The team atmosphere is continuing to improve as we see the various age groups cheering for their teammates during the entire meet,” comments head coach Greg McMullen.

Also improving are the individual times. Many swimmers beat their previous times by significant margins, showing off their hard work. Zeke Obermeyer improved his 50-yard backstroke by 32 seconds while his sister Ava Obermeyer improved her 100-yard freestyle time by 17 seconds. Also getting swifter in the 100-yard freestyle event were 11-year old Kennedy Rasnick, beating her time by 27 seconds; 13-year old Owen Powers, improving by 13 seconds; and 12-year old Austin Balser, dropping 9 seconds.

Ailey Jones, 6, came in first place in the 6&U 25-yard freestyle and improved her time by 17 seconds. Connor Schiller, 7, and Duke Miller, 5, took first and second in the 6&U 25-yard breaststroke, bettering their times by 11 and 8 seconds, respectively. Sam Richardson, 11, took 9 seconds off his 50-yard backstroke. All improving by 6 seconds in individual events were Jax Negovetich, taking first in the 8&U 50-yard freestyle; Matthew Maher, capturing first in the 10&U 50-yard freestyle; Brady Wonnell, taking second in the 50-yard breaststroke; Sara Lamping, getting second in the 14&U 50-yard breaststroke; and Ana Shane, taking second in the 8&U 25-yard breaststroke.

“It was awesome to have the meet at Switzerland County. They were such gracious hosts and have such a small yet great swim team. It really let us coaches find and see some of our cracks and flaws and be able to address them, correct them and grow from it,” says coach Kat Bryan regarding the meet.

BST had one meet to go prior to the conference championship Saturday, June 29.

Elizabeth Miller, Batesville, is a parent volunteer.