Fastest kids in town

Diane Raver | The Herald-Tribune History repeated itself in the finale of the Fastest Kid in Town race. Fastest Boy in Town Jacob Stenger, 12, ran a little quicker than his challenger, Fastest Girl in Town Mimi Smith, 10, to claim the titles for the second year in a row.

Many area children ran down East Pearl Street to compete in the Batesville Bash Fastest Kid in Town races Saturday, Aug. 3.

According to organizer Dogger Dickey, these were the winners by age group and gender: 2-year-old girls, Elizabeth Ironmonger; 2-year-old boys, Lynkin Hughes; 3-year-old girls, Eleanor Garrett; 3-year-old boys, Austin Mills; 4-year-old girls, Avery Kramer; 4-year-old boys, Zachary Suding; 5-year-old girls, Jewels Davis; 5-year-old boys, Lucas Werner; 6-year-old girls, Sophia Schuerman; 6-year-old boys, Colton Cox; 7-year-old girls, Brielle Maple; 7-year-old boys, Jeremiah McKnight.

Also, 8-year-old girls, Stella Maple; 8-year-old boys, Kasin Bowling; 9-year-old girls, Jersey Trenkamp; 9-year-old boys, Jaxson Watson; 10-year-old girls, Mimi Smith; 10-year-old boys, Jake Hirz; 11-year-old girls, no entries; 11-year-old boys, Landon Raver; 12-year-old girls, Karsyn Watson; and 12-year-old boys, Jacob Stenger.

After a final heat of girls age group winners, Smith became the Fastest Girl in Town. After a male race of all previous winners, the Fastest Boy in Town was Stenger.

In a runoff between those two champions, Stenger earned the 2019 Fastest Kid in Town title.