Jimmy Shane, Maple Valley, Washington, and the Miss Madison Racing Team won again in the second race of the H1 Unlimited season. After taking first at last week's Guntersville (Alabama) Lake Hydrofest, Miss HomeStreet finished in first place Sunday to win the 112th American Power Boat Association's Gold Cup at the Madison Regatta, outpacing the competition and capturing their second win of the season in front of the team’s hometown fans.

If you blinked, you might have missed it – sustaining speeds of up to 200 mph, the turbine-powered hydroplanes tackled the second course of the year with deft precision.

”We love spending time in Madison because it’s our hometown. Of course, coming away with another win really adds to the excitement as this strong season continues,” championship driver Shane said. “Above all else, we’re grateful for our supporters who cheer us on each year.”

The team’s chance to continue their winning streak comes later this month at Water Follies in Tri-Cities, Washington. Fans can join the team on the Columbia River on July 26-28, then in Seattle Aug 2-4.

The team is proud to showcase its 3,000-horsepower racing boat, which was unveiled last year. Miss HomeStreet belongs to the citizens of Madison – the oldest continuously active team in unlimited hydroplane history. The team first took to the water in 1961 and has since taken home more than 30 race wins nationally. Shane joined the team in 2014 as the 21st driver of the community-owned hydroplane.

Shane drove the hometown-owned hydroplane to a victory in front of an estimated 40,000 fans that were on their feet screaming from the river banks.

Shane began his weekend as the top qualifier among the world’s seven fastest race boats. He won each of the four preliminary heats and power boat racing’s pinnacle trophy.

The win by Shane (135.046 average mph) makes it his fourth Gold Cup win in his 12 years driving in the H1 Unlimited Hydroplane Racing Series.

The win also etches his team, Miss Madison Racing, into the record books with four Gold Cup wins, with all but one with Shane at the wheel. The team’s first Gold Cup trophy win came in 1971 when the team won in Madison with driver Jim McCormick.

Last year’s Gold Cup winner, Andrew Tate, took an early lead, followed closely by Shane. In the back stretch of the finals, Tate increased his lead over his competitors.

In the first turn of lap two, with Tate in the lead, his boat fell into a huge hole on the racecourse that turned him hard left, slowing him enough for Shane to pull in front exiting the turn. Shane pulled ahead by 1-1/2 roostertails.

There was no looking back for Shane during the remaining three laps.

Tate ended up crossing the finish line second but officials ruled he jumped the gun, adding a one-minute penalty to his final finish time. Bert Henderson in the “Spirit of Detroit” finished third but moved up to second after the ruling against Tate.

For more on Miss HomeStreet’s racing schedule and team, visit their website or check out HomeStreet Bank’s Twitter and Facebook pages.