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SOUTHERN INDIANA — As Hurricane Dorian threatens landfall in the Southern United States over the next several days, electrical workers from Southern Indiana are making their way to Florida, ready to assist where needed.

Kenneth McDole recalls an incident in which a friend brought parts of a gun he was restoring onto the premises of his employer, where he was accused of carrying a handgun against company policy.

Labor Day weekend is always a popular time to talk about work and worker issues. I wish to a put a twist on it and talk about some popular misconceptions about work and capital and the meaning of both. If you’ve been fed a steady diet of anti-capitalist nonsense, or are a diehard capitalist, this story is going to scramble many of your misconceptions.

Howard County election officials must be more open if voting issues, like the discovery of 1,148 unopened ballots in the November 2018 election, arise in the Nov. 5 municipal election.