Dear Editor,

I was shocked to read the article "Veterans energize the energy industry" the Friday before Earth Day (in the April 19 edition). The author has used the veterans to shield the fact that the fossil fuel industry is doing P.R. to convince the public that they are doing good.

It is important that we assist the veterans to find work and feel productive. It is wrong to use them to promote an industry that harms our environment. Fracking and other methods of extracting fuels from the earth have been proven over and over to be toxic and dangerous to the environment and to humans. By quoting numbers and making the energy companies seem good and generous, they imply that we are all better off following their lead. Calling environmentalists names, they seem to think it exempts them from responsibility. Putting someone down to make yourself look better is a tired old tactic. Knowing what is true and factual is necessary.

We all must pay attention to what is happening. Do the research, try to make a difference but don't be lulled into thinking that things are OK. Our individual efforts are important, but do far less to improve our environment than action by large corporations. If unchecked, the harm that is done to our air, water and land will be irreversible.

Many people of faith know that God has instructed us to be stewards of the earth. Have we done what one should as caregivers? We must care; our world depends upon it!

Barb Foster