Dear Editor,

Have you ever heard the saying “It takes a village?” To many people living in Ripley County, this statement rings true. Being someone diagnosed with cancer, being someone enduring cancer treatment or being a caregiver for someone is a journey. That journey is dependent on

• researchers to create new curative medicines

• financial assistance to support the loss of income or insurance limitations

• transportation to lifesaving treatment

• programs to educate everyone on how to meet their support needs during this journey.

Come be a part of the amazing work that is being done to ensure that these crucial aspects of cancer care are being met.

Join your community to support the Ripley County residents who have been touched by cancer. Come make a difference at the Ripley County Relay for Life Saturday, June 15, at the Batesville High School track.

For more information, visit Relay for Life of Ripley County, Indiana on Facebook, go to or email us at

To get questions answered or to volunteer, the Ripley County relay leads are Samantha Smith, or 812-621-7294; and Carrie Oppelt, or 812-212-5784.

Kari Ann Rennekamp, Margaret Mary Outpatient and Cancer Center patient support service coordinator