Dear Editor,

Some people in our nation today apparently thrive on division. They seem to want people to rage against each other: Democrats against Republicans, liberals against conservatives, employers against employees, rich people against poor people, people with no religious beliefs against people with religious beliefs. It has become so divisive now that some are pitting mothers against their preborn babies. They are pushing an either/or mentality.

Pro-life people have always said it doesn't need to be either the mom or her baby. We can help and love them both. When both are helped, both the mom and the baby can live and prosper. If we open ourselves up to a both/and mentality, solutions such as adoption can be found that allow the mother to continue her education, the baby to live and be raised in a loving home, and the adoptive family to be blessed with a child.

We do not have to perpetuate divisive behavior. We can listen to each other. We can work on problems together. We can treat each other with respect. We can work together to protect each person's dignity and right to life. Let's start being part of the solution instead of part of the problem.

Jerry Ollier and Mary Jean Wessel, St. Louis Respect Life Committee co-chairs