The Herald-Tribune welcomes your views. Please make your letters to the editor short and concise, and be sure to include your name and a daytime telephone number where we can contact you to verify the letter's origin.

The submitted material should also clearly specify that the piece is intended for consideration as a letter to the editor.

Letters should be typed or legibly written. They must be deemed timely and of a responsible nature by the management of The Herald-Tribune.

Published letters will include the author’s name and city of residence and are limited to 300 words.

The Herald-Tribune reserves the right to refuse publication of any letter. This includes publication of any political endorsements two weeks prior to a primary or general election.

Letters that endorse a particular product or service will not be published.

The newspaper reserves the right to limit the number of letters on a particular issue. Form letters are not accepted. We also reserve the right to edit submitted letters with respect to spelling and grammar.

Thank-you letters should include the names of no more than 20 persons, businesses or organizations.

By submitting a letter to the editor or opinion essay to The Herald-Tribune, the author grants the newspaper rights to publish, distribute, archive or use the work in print, electronic, online or other format.

Letters to the editor or opinion pieces may be e-mailed (; mailed (The Herald-Tribune, 475 N. Huntersville Road, Batesville, IN, 47006); faxed (812-934-6406); or personally delivered to our office (475 N. Huntersville Road, Batesville).

Opinions expressed in a letter to the editor or opinion column are not necessarily those of the The Herald-Tribune, its staff or management.

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