Dear Editor,

Early voting has begun, Nov. 6 is near, and the election of our U.S. Congress 6th District representative is very close.

Let's look at the candidates. Tom Ferkinhoff is the Libertarian candidate. I'm not going to comment on him, since I totally disagree with Libertarian ideology in general.

Next up we have Greg Pence for the Republicans. Yes, his brother is the vice president, and that's all he's really running on! We don't need another Pence in Washington ... He has said he supports the policies of Trump and Pence, but other than that, who knows what he supports? He rarely grants interviews, and ignores repeated requests to debate his opponents.

Jeannine Lee Lake from Muncie is the Democratic candidate. She has previously served on the Muncie School Board, is currently on the Muncie Matters Alliance and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Muncie boards and is chairperson of Feed my Sheep, which delivers 1,500 meals to the needy on Thanksgiving. If elected, she will advocate for all people in our district.

She supports passage of a long overdue hate crimes law in Indiana. She wants a safe learning environment for our children, and supports reasonable gun laws. She supports our farmers and efforts that will help them keep and support their livelihoods. She believes that protecting the environment and farming go hand in hand. To find out her views, go to

It seems to me that there is only one candidate who will truly represent us, and not the special interests, wealthy or large corporations. That candidate is Jeannine Lee Lake, and she has my vote.

David Kirk


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