Dear Editor,

Recent international news focused on the murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi. The Trump administration’s responses to Saudi authorities’ explanations were certainly tepid and not what Americans would expect when one of our own residents was murdered by a foreign power. Our president’s boasting of the “body slam” done on a reporter by congressional candidate Greg Gianforte is also disturbing. Do we live in a country that allows “freedom of the press?" Should we be like Saudi Arabia in their methods of controlling the press? Should we substitute our morals for weapons sales to Saudi Arabia?

On a recent visit overseas, we talked with many citizens of Croatia who told us about their dreams of coming to America. But it appears there are now cracks in this dream as they view what is now happening in our country. Many are now laughing at us and the clown show presented on a daily basis. And sadly, we have a Congress who refuses to stand up against this administration when our values are being destroyed. It is time for change, and those changes can only come at the voting booth. Get out and vote!

Dr. Steve Stein


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