Dear Editor,

Sunman can be known as a clean, small, caring community. When people are informed and show an interest and are willing to be vocal, mountains can be moved.

The political process takes months and years to address the situation in a wholesome manner. It is not over. It is a new beginning. Voters in the town need to be active and vote this November. People can make a difference.

MGPI will not move. It doesn't need to. If it is a "good neighbor" and has responsible management, it would invest in dealing with the "escaping vapors" that are currently coming from the storage facility.

The Kansas investor-owned multimillion dollar company can be known worldwide as the largest storage unit that uses the technology to capture the ethanol. Ethanol can be used rather than wasted on us. MGPI is brokering the whiskey to many companies. An example is Jim Bean. The whiskey is put in glass bottles and the tax goes to the state it is bottled in – not Indiana.

The Indiana Department of Environmental Management says, "We protect Hoosiers and our environment." Please make contact with them at 800-451-6027, 317-232-8603 or

Sen. Jean Leising, Sen. Chip Perfect, Rep. Cindy Ziemke and Rep. Rany Frye need to be involved. MGPI is abiding by the law. Nothing can be done. Are any of our elected officials benefiting with lobby fees? Current town board members, who can also be contacted, are Harvey Dobson, Michael Wolff and Donald Foley.

It is time for each individual to be pro-active rather than re-active.

IDEM, Ripley County commissioners, Environmental Protection Agency, Ripley County Health Department Environmental Division, Ripley County Planning and Zoning and Sunman Town Board all have a vested obligation to protect us and keep us safe. Do not pass the "buck" and do nothing.

Ruth Riehle


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