Dear Editor,

If you missed The Jimmy Hartman Memorial Talent Show, a benefit for Special Olympics-Indiana, at the Gibson Theatre May 18, I can safely say, even though I’m not from Batesville, you missed out on a very special moment in this community.

Whenever people come together for a good cause, the hard work and good intentions leave everyone feeling warm all over. There’s nothing better than watching your child face and conquer fears as she sings on stage for the first time, or marvel at a magic trick that goes beyond comprehension. To hear the young singers, dancers and entertainers encouraging one another after each performance was amazing.

This was a chance for any and all to share their talent, not compete against one another. To those who were fortunate enough to have this opportunity, and those fortunate enough to watch, it was just right! I wish to extend a hearty thank you to the generosity of Gibson Theatre owner Kim Powell, Batesville’s Mel and Sunny Calvert and the many behind-the-scene faces who made this happen. I may be a bit biased, being Mel’s daughter, but I am so glad my husband and I made the trip to this charming town.

I just couldn’t get over the poise and maturity of the kids involved and the pride I saw in their parents faces. We even saw some last minute, young special needs girls, Alyssa Reindorf and Maria Mormon, get up on that stage and sing from the very bottom of their hearts. Their front-row enthusiasm was contagious and endearing. Finally, a big hug and thanks to my dad and Sunny. No one will ever know how hard they worked at pulling off what looked effortless. The older I get, the more I appreciate and admire their hard work and generous spirit.

Laurie Boruff

San Diego, California

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