Dear Editor,

On Monday, Aug. 27, Franklin County Farm Bureau’s annual meeting took place in Brookville. The meeting included a “Meet the Candidates” program. Several Republican candidates for county offices spoke, but no Democrats did, as none were in attendance.

It’s true that most county races in Franklin County are uncontested on the November ballot. However, three offices are contested, those of prosecutor and two seats on county council, and these candidates had not been invited. Apparently, the Farm Bureau member in charge of issuing invitations to the event had made only a half-hearted attempt or no attempt at all to reach them and then dropped the ball. I think Farm Bureau members in the audience would have liked to have heard from both candidates in the contested races so they could make their voting choices based on the facts. Unfortunately, these members were denied that opportunity and left with the impression that the Democratic candidates just didn’t care to appear.

Franklin County Farm Bureau owes these candidates an apology, or at least an acknowledgement that the “Meet the Candidates” feature of their annual meeting was actually only a showcase for Republican candidates. Indiana Farm Bureau works to influence public policy to agriculture, but does not endorse candidates. I don’t think our local Farm Bureau intended to endorse the local Republican party, but that was essentially the end result. Franklin County Farm Bureau needs to find a way to remedy the situation and avoid it the future.

Monica Yane

Treasurer, Franklin County Democrats

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