Dear Editor,

Mr. Sullivan’s anti-gun control comments (Aug. 16), are right out of the National Rifle Association domestic terrorism playbook.

He says we don’t ban cars, baseball bats, etc., so why guns? Answer: firearms, unlike those other items, are intentionally designed to be lethal standoff weapons. Mr. Sullivan should cite his evidence that those other items “are just as deadly, if not more so, than firearms … in the wrong hands.”

Concerning mental health, he’s right about the need to “address our dysfunctional mental health system … .” A person’s belief that his safety depends on avoiding gun-free zones, packing a gun “on a regular basis” and wearing concealable body armor suggests a sufficiently paranoid and excitable state of mind to raise a red flag about that person being anywhere near a firearm.

Mr. Sullivan suggests not carrying a gun if you don’t want to because “if someone attempts to do you harm, an armed citizen nearby will defend you …” No thanks. Better to have a strict no-gun environment than to rely on some gunslinger, or maybe several of them, acting emotionally and without coordination in a high stakes situation for which they are wholly untrained and unprepared.

Mr. Sullivan proposes working with firearms organizations instead of demonizing them. Would that include the NRA, which has browbeat our so-called representatives into obstructing even the most reasonable and sensible gun control measures? Would that include the NRA that championed HR-1181 (115th Congress) whose main purpose is to allow the mentally ill to acquire firearms?

Dear NRA: Please send me a certificate with my “F” rating.

Ken Baran, Batesville

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