Dear Editor,

At the recent (Batesville) firemen's festival parade, I saw something that greatly disturbed me.

In the midafternoon heat, one of the participants was walking with a leashed dog. There was no evidence of water for the dog and his tongue literally was hanging out. The temperature was reportedly in the mid-90s.

According to, temperatures even in the mid-80s mean that the asphalt will be a sizzling 135-140 degrees. I cannot begin to imagine how much hotter the pavement was on parade day, or how it felt on that poor dog's unprotected paws.

Any person who would parade a dog on a day like this is someone who clearly does not value animal safety or comfort, and is not likely to be persuaded otherwise by concerns such as mine.

However, I implore the parade coordinators to monitor future parades and participants so that animals are protected from the callous and often cruel ways of their owners.

Gloria Gardner, Batesville

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