Dear Editor,

I’m an elderly Hoosier Vietnam war vet. I suffer combat PTSD and chronic pain from a physical condition connected to my military service. Soldiers with whom I served side by side in Vietnam, who suffer from the same conditions, but live in one of the 33 legal medical marijuana states, are treated safely and effectively and in a dignified manner with prescription medical marijuana.

Because I live in Indiana, my only choice for pain and PTSD treatment is dangerous addictive opiates and psychotropic drugs such as Prozac. These drugs are not only highly addictive, they harm my liver, cause constipation and burn my stomach.

Because of Governor Holcomb, if I use medical marijuana in Indiana, I risk being slapped around, shackled, humiliated and dragged to jail in payment for my combat service to the nation.

Governor Holcomb will not discuss this with me, but I have spoken at length with his staff. Holcomb’s official position is there will be no legal medical marijuana in Indiana, for war vets, cancer patients or anyone else as long as he is governor.

Holcomb is running for re-election. He could delay Hoosier medical marijuana for years to come. I have signed a petition to the governor asking mercy for disabled Hoosier war vets, who stepped up to the plate to serve the nation in combat, and for suffering cancer patients. If you want to join me, the petition is at this web address online:

Ron Nesler, New Harmony

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