Dear Editor,

Election of county officials is coming soon, and I hope everyone will exercise their right to vote. Now is the time to find out what the candidates stand for and what they have done in the past.

There are no term limits for some offices, so many have been in office for years. Others have served their term limit in one office and then switched to another office. Their names are familiar to all.

Do your homework to see what they really stand for before you put a check mark by their name. If you do not approve of the decisions they have made in the past in your name, do not vote for them.

In my opinion, I believe we have a serious Good Ole Boys Club in Franklin County. There is little discussion at meetings about the pros and cons of a subject, with only a few asking questions. When it comes time to vote, we can pretty well tell how the vote will go before we are given the results.

On the ballot there will be an instruction to vote for one, two or three candidates only. At times, there is only one candidate to choose for an office.

If you do not approve of the candidate's past decisions, you do not have to vote for anyone. Leave the office vote blank or vote for one candidate so the clerk knows you meant to leave the rest blank. They will still win the race, but will know that the public is not behind them. A vote says "I approve" of what you stand for.

Betty Lecher


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