Dear Editor,

The 45th Batesville Music and Arts Festival is now history and unfortunately the rains came, all three days, although the evenings were clear.

We’d like to thank all the folks that came out to Liberty Park or attended the Rural Alliance for the Arts Community Art Show at Amack’s Well downtown. We’d also like to thank the vendors who were at the park on one of the three nights. Lastly, we appreciate our committee's efforts to again bring music and the arts to the Batesville residents.

The committee members were John Irrgang, Brent Lee, Anna Ibold, Tina Longstreth, Shannon Mullins, Bob Fitzpatrick and we couldn’t have pulled the events together without Mayor Bettice, Andrea Wade and Steven Harmeyer. The Mayor’s Committee for the Performing Arts has been supported by the city administration since the festivals started 45 years ago.

We’re looking forward to next year for our 46th festival.

Jim Sturges, Greensburg

George Brinkmoeller, Batesville