Dear Editor,

Personally I am not a person who generally likes to get too involved in politics. I prefer to be on the sidelines and, like most of us, just complain.

Well, this year I guess I have to rethink my involvement. You see, my nephew, Tom Ferkinhoff, is running for the U.S. House of Representatives for Indiana District 6 as the Libertarian candidate. I have always considered myself a left leaning Republican or right leaning Democrat. In other words, a moderate (none of which is in either party anymore). So when Tom told me what his plan was and shared his beliefs, I began to think more and more about my politics. I took a look at the Libertarians and then decided to learn more about what they actually stand for.

Like most people, I knew very little about the Libertarian Party and always thought I would be “throwing my vote away.” I discovered there is a bit of Libertarian in almost all of us.

It is time to start changing who we send to Washington to represent us, the people of the Sixth District of Indiana. It is time to vote for someone who is willing to look out for the interests of the people and not the interest of a party. I believe if you will take the time to look seriously at Tom Ferkinhoff, you will see why we need to have a man like Tom as our representative for the Sixth District. Go to and look at Tom’s campaign promises. As a fiscal conservative, Tom will represent our interests well.

I ask you to be sure to vote this year, and I hope you, like me, will vote for Tom Ferkinhoff.

Let's make a real change.

Marvin Ferkinhoff


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