Dear Editor,

Daryl Kramer, as organizer of the Meet the Candidates Night sponsored by the Indiana Farm Bureau Aug. 27, I wish you would have reached out to invite me and other Democratic candidates to participate. Phone numbers are a matter of public record at the county clerk's office. I realize this would have taken some time, but you would have had a much more informative program for your annual meeting had there been more diversity in candidates.

As one of the most powerful voices at the Indiana Statehouse, Indiana Farm Bureau has the obligation to present its members with input from all voices in rural communities – not just those of one political party.

I suspect you had a lot to do in organizing this event, but I do hope you will make every attempt in any future event of this nature to be all inclusive. The very essence of our democracy depends upon advocacy organizations such as yours, in legislative and policy proposals, to consider the voices of all its citizens. It would have been especially important this time with the mid-term elections merely two months away.

Richard Cartwright

Democratic candidate for Franklin County Council District 3

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