Dear Editor,

Residents of southeastern Indiana will have an opportunity to participate in a Peoples Climate March Saturday, Sept. 8, in Lawrenceburg. They will join thousands of grassroots advocates of clean energy for our future. They are rising to demand urgent action from elected officials to protect our environment and our health by moving to 100 percent renewable energy and creating local, equitable jobs for our cities and states.

Do you want to have a healthy, active and productive life for yourself and for your children and grandchildren? Do you want to show your care for Earth, our common home? Do you want your voice to be heard by decision makers who have the power to bring clean renewable energy resources to our cities and towns ASAP?

If your response is yes, join your neighbors at the Lawrenceburg Community Center on 423 Walnut St. at 10 a.m. and march for climate justice! We will walk about a half mile to Newtown Park to interact with farmers market-goers and return to the mayor’s office to drop off a formal petition signed by participants and others to ask city officials to support this cause by going solar for all government buildings. Marchers not from the cities along the Ohio River will be encouraged to deliver such a petition to their own elected leaders.

Sign up online at to see a world map of all the sites hosting marches. Enter your zip code to find this event or another near you. You may also email one of the organizers directly at or call 513-773-4012.

Claire Whalen, OSF

Solarizing Indiana/Southeast team leader

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