Dear Editor,

Sean Vicente, a candidate for Franklin County's prosecutor, was recently asked via Facebook whether the rumor that his law license is only temporary was true.

For those other voters who may be under the mistaken impression that Mr. Vicente is unable to practice law in Indiana, you can check that his law license is both active and in good standing by simply going to Indiana's Roll of Attorneys webpage, and putting in his last name. You will see his date of admission and Indiana bar number.

Mr. Vicente also holds law licenses in Ohio and Pennsylvania and has been practicing criminal law for the past 17 years, first in Philadelphia, then in federal court in St. Louis, and now in Cincinnati.

I urge voters to do their due diligence when hearing unsubstantiated rumors from dubious sources. The race for prosecutor is a fair contest between two qualified attorneys and anyone trying to characterize it as otherwise is trafficking in deception and denying Franklin County voters the choice they deserve.

Helen Yane

Committee to Elect Sean Vicente treasurer and the candidate's wife

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