Dear Editor,

Until recently, it seems like few people have been concerned about our environment. The extreme weather events are seen as unusual. On a recent insurance commercial, we hear that “every 500 year storms” have occurred 26 times in the last 10 years. It’s time we all took this information seriously.

In 1990, an environmental group predicted that we would see great storms, extreme weather patterns and great suffering coming. That time has arrived! The thing that stood out to me was that not once did anyone say as humans we could change this.

Now, we go along ignoring the effect of deregulation, use of fossil fuels and overconsumption that depletes our resources. Those in power deny facts or are paid to ignore them.

We are learning that no longer do we need to change for the sake of our children and grandchildren, but now we will live to see unbelievable suffering, loss of life, extinction of species, etc. We must not be frozen in fear, but energized to change what is happening to our world.

We have withdrawn from the Paris Climate agreement but now have another chance to address this situation. In December, there will be a summit in Poland for all countries to decide what actions we must take, as countries as well as individuals. It is time for us to become informed and involved for the sake of our family as well as the planet.

If this doesn’t sound important, ask those who lived through the tsunami and earthquake in Indonesia; the flooding, typhoon and earthquake in Japan; or those who just experienced the hurricanes in the gulf and the coastal regions of our own country. Be concerned, be informed and then be involved!

Barb Foster


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