The North American Free Trade Agreement, now going on 25 years old, has created the world’s largest trading bloc by value of products traded between its member countries. The new and improved NAFTA is called the United States – Mexico – Canada Agreement.

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It’s good to be back with you after a long (and much needed!) vacation. As they say, “there’s no place like home.”

At Oldenburg’s National Night Out in August, Stayin’ Alive representatives were passing out green awareness bracelets that said, “I’m no fuul. Vaping’s just not cool.”


At Oldenburg's National Night Out in August, Stayin' Alive representatives were passing out green awareness bracelets that said, "I'm no fuul. Vaping's just not cool."

Several weeks ago, a concerned citizen sent me a financial summary of Indiana’s not-for-profit hospitals. He asked that I look into the issue of excessive profits by these systems. I was skeptical that the issue would be relevant. Profits are critical to an economy; they serve as a guide to pricing and investment decisions and reward the men and women who create value. The demonization of profits is a sure sign of unformed thought. Moreover, not-for-profit hospitals have explicitly chosen to forgo profits as part of their operations, so I doubted the financial summary would reveal anything important.

Outdoors in Indiana is the perfect place to play, exercise and relax this fall. Whether on a hike or a hunt, be mindful of the state law allowing Hoosier property owners to mark private property with purple paint.

You’re probably chuckling already. Seriously? “The joy of politics?”

A national analysis of sexual violence by the Centers for Disease Control found 15% of high school-age females in Indiana reported having forced sexual intercourse in 2009.

Indiana’s Legislature sets the rules for how money for schools is divvied up. Lawmakers determine what each district gets, how much charter schools get, how much is handed out as vouchers to send kids to private schools.

Research continues to show significant racial differences in school suspensions and expulsions. In general, white students tend to receive disciplinary office referrals for behavior that can be observed more objectively – for example, smoking, vandalizing, leaving class without permission, m…

If you or a loved one are at risk of losing independence, there are a number of resources in east central Indiana that offer assistance.

I got lucky recently when Josh Owens took some time to talk with me. Indiana got lucky earlier when he launched his campaign as a Democratic candidate for governor.

Indiana certainly doesn’t look like a state that’s ready to confront climate change. Its former governor, Vice President Mike Pence, has questioned whether human actions affect the climate. In 2016 the majority of Indiana residents voted for Donald Trump, who rejects mainstream climate science.

When the planes crashed into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, 18 years ago, our world was thrown into chaos.

It’s stretched beyond two weeks since the abrupt departure of the Colts quarterback, and so far, we seem to have been spared the awful kind of puns usually favored by newspaper headline writers and TV news readers:

September is Sepsis Awareness Month and World Sepsis Day was Sept. 13. As a former nurse and current member of the Sepsis Treatment Guideline Task Force, I strongly encourage Indiana residents to become educated on this often life-threatening infection.

Inappropriate adult behavior at high school athletic events in Indiana has reached epidemic proportion.

WHEREAS, pulmonary fibrosis is a serious disease that creates scarring (fibrosis) in the delicate lung tissue of affected patients causing progressive, incurable lung disease; and

We all need to escape reality occasionally. It's good for the soul. Walt Disney understood it better than anyone in history! Unfortunately, though, when you're at Disneyland and three ice cream cones set you back $27, reality is suddenly thrust back in your weary, sunburned face. You sadly r…

For parents who recently spent a weekend loading up the family car with laundry bags that would knock over Santa Claus, schlepping your son’s not-so-mini fridge up cramped dorm staircases or struggling to apply fitted sheets to lofted bunk beds that sit 3-4 inches from the ceiling, I don’t n…

In Indiana, our veterans will soon no longer pay a state tax on their income from their military retirement pensions. A new law now in effect phases in the full exemption over four years, decreasing financial burdens for nearly 30,000 Hoosier veterans and surviving spouses. This exemption wi…

In his speech Aug. 21 before veterans at the AMVETS National Convention in Louisville, President Donald Trump was on his best behavior — for the most part.

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Bernita Weisbrodt Andres, 93 years old of St. Leon, passed away on Saturday, October 12, 2019. Bernita loved to spend time with her family as often as she could. She loved to make crafts which included making her entire family Christmas ornaments to adorn their trees. She also shared her lov…

Sister Francis Joan Clements, age 94 of the Sisters of St. Francis in Oldenburg, Indiana, died Sunday, October 6, 2019, at the convent. Born June 2, 1925, in Clementsville, Kentucky, she is the daughter of Anna and Robert Clements. She taught at schools in Indiana, Ohio and Missouri. When as…

Sister Rita Vukovic, age 89 of the Sisters of St. Francis in Oldenburg, Indiana, died Saturday, October 5, 2019, at the convent. Born April 6, 1930, in Dayton, Ohio, she is the daughter of Catherine (nee Fiedler) and Paul Vukovic. She entered the convent September 8, 1948, and made her final…

Marilyn P. Elliott, 88 of Brazil, Indiana, formerly of Sun City, Arizona, and Wilton, Connecticut, passed away unexpectedly September 30, 2019, at St. Vincent Clay Hospital. She was born December 13, 1930, in Batesville, Indiana, the daughter of John T. Pohlman and Bertha Timmerman Pohlman. …