INDIANAPOLIS — An Indianapolis woman has entered a guilty plea in a federal case involving the theft of mail and using stolen credit cards and forging checks to buy personal items.

Jennifer Sheffler, 33, of Indianapolis faces up to five years in federal prison for one count of possession of stolen mail and up to 10 years for the possession of 15 or more devices that gave her unauthorized access to personal accounts. Fines could total $500,000.

One of her victims included the wife of race car driver Sebastian Saavedra, according to a federal indictment against Sheffler. There had been attempts to withdraw $1,000 from Jane Saavedra's accounts. Also, a person resembling Sheffler bought $1,107.42 in merchandise from a Best Buy store using Saavedra's credit card.

The cards were reportedly stolen from Saaverda's mailbox.

Two of Saaverda's credit cards and a check were found in a car July 21, 2018, at the Indianapolis International Airport where Sheffler had driven a stolen black Honda from Fishers. The car contained hundreds of pieces of opened and unopened mail along with forms of identification, credit cards and gift cards in various names.

Police were called to an airport parking lot after a vehicle alarm sounded. Upon arrival, police found Sheffler leaning insider the driver's door where she said her key fob battery had died.

Airport Officer Dennis Scott checked the vehicle and found it was stolen. Airport police contacted U.S. Postal inspectors.

They found 495 pieces of opened and unopened mail, 297 checks, 29 credit cards and eight state ID cards. There are at least six victims named in a federal indictment.

In one case, a woman mailed a check for $150 to her sister in Whitestown, but the sister never received the check. Sheffler attempted on July 20, 2018, to cash the check – rewritten for $312.66 – at a Meijer store in Plainfield, but the transaction was declined.

As part of her plea agreement, Sheffler is also to make restitution of $6,026 to the six victims. No date has been set for sentencing in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Indiana.

Investigators with the U.S. Postal Service found she had renegotiated multiple checks that were in victims' names. A search of her cell phone showed pictures of a driver's license in one victim's name and a credit application in that person's name.

Surveillance videos reportedly showed Sheffler at various businesses trying to use checks and credit cards that were found in the Honda.