WGU Indiana is offering an added incentive for Hoosiers making resolutions to earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree in the new year, making available $500,000 in scholarships through Western Governors University. Students who apply to WGU Indiana by March 31 are eligible to apply for the New Kind of You Scholarship, which provides up to $2,000 per student for up to 250 students.

“The start of a new year can mark the start of a new educational journey for many Hoosiers,” said WGU Indiana chancellor Allison Barber. “With enrollment continuing to grow, it is clear that thousands of Hoosiers from around the state want to advance their careers by going back to school. The New Kind of You Scholarship provides additional opportunities for prospective students to do just that.”

The scholarship will be applied at the rate of $500 per six-month term, renewable for up to four terms, toward the university's already low tuition of about $3,000 per term for most programs. Students enrolling in any of the online universities 60 bachelor’s and master’s degree programs are eligible to apply for the scholarship.

WGU Indiana uses an innovative approach to learning called competency-based education, which focuses on measuring learning rather than time spent in class. Students earn their degrees by demonstrating mastery of the subject matter they need to be successful – real-world competencies developed in collaboration with employers. Designed to meet the needs of adult learners, competency-based education allows students to take advantage of their knowledge and experience to move quickly through material they already know so they can focus on what they still need to learn.

This scholarship is open to new WGU Indiana students who have been officially admitted to the university. While many scholarships will be awarded, it is a competitive program. Scholarships will be awarded based on the candidate’s academic record, readiness for online study and current competency, as well as other considerations. For more information, visit indiana.wgu.edu/scholarships.