BHS play

Cast members (from left) Athena Gibson, Maddie Schrand, Ben Moster and Megan Raab run through a scene at a “Mystery at Shady Acres” dress rehearsal.

The Batesville High School Drama Club has a weekend of suspense and intrigue prepared for the community Friday-Saturday, Nov. 15-16, at 7 p.m. in the BHS auditorium. About 70 students have worked for two months to prepare, reports director and Batesville Middle School seventh-grade language arts and reading teacher Lisa Barnett, who is in her 32nd season with the club. She is assisted by BHS English teacher Paul Satchwill, who is working on his fifth year in this position.

The production will consist of two mysteries. The first show is entitled “And Then There was One,” a spoof written by Michael Druce. Ten guests are invited to a remote island for a weekend party. The mysterious host has more in mind that a party. Mayhem ensues as the guests begin to disappear. The piece is adapted from the original Agatha Christie novel “And Then There Were None.”

The 10 students involved in this one-act are Landon Gutzwiller, Abby Blomer, Kyler Daulton, Carlie Schrank, Dean Campbell, Zac Gutzwiller, Liz Loichinger, Mason Enneking, Grace Mause and Alyssa Linville.

“Mystery at Shady Acres,” written by Michelle R. Davis, is an audience-participation mystery set in an English countryside. As the mystery unfolds, audience members will have a chance to ask questions and give suggestions to the lead detective, Chief Wickfield, who will be portrayed by Ben Moster. He is assisted in the investigation by three additional officers: O’Doyle, portrayed by Athena Mitchell; Dorrit, played by Maddie Schrand; and Black, portrayed by Megan Raab. Private eye Thorton, played by Grant Story, and his assistant Emma Reid, played by Zoe Peters, try to solve the case.

A total of 29 students will appear in this piece. Others involved are hotel staff members Mr. Henry Clifford (Ethan Brewer), Basil (Chase Cummings), Beth (Grace Miller), Greta (Lauren Voss), Lavinia (Jen Dodge), Hemlich (Cody Champion), Cathy (Kayla Lawson) and Mr. Rogers (Eli Wilson). Hotel guests include Mr. X (Seth Weisenbach), Mr. Edward Fairfax (Brian Doherty), Mrs. Blanche Fairfax (Madi Chambers), Stanley Larson (Jacob Nobbe), Audrey Rochester (Kierra Brock), Albert Brightham (Alex Roth), Ingrid Brightham (Alys Cochran), Lois (Kaia Goldsmith), Miranda (Maggie Weberding), Myrna (Chloe Jennewein), Patricia (Jordyn Seifert), Frederica Frumpet (Ella Sittloh) and hotel guests Gretchen Oppelt, Autumn Eckstein and Mady Seifert.

An additional 25 students are helping out with the sets, lights and sound. Set crew members have created walls for the hotel lobby, an elaborate staircase and a registration desk. For the living room in “And Then There was One,” the students built a bookcase complete with homemade books and an ingenious way to remove props from the stage.

General admission tickets at $5 are available at the door.

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