Food inspections

In addition to 48 routine food inspections during the second quarter from April 4-June 26, Ripley County Health Department chief food specialist Traci Bauman investigated two complaints.

On May 17, she inspected the lettuce at Steak ‘n Shake, Batesville, but found nothing in any of it. The restaurant also received a critical mark that day for dirty equipment. This was after a routine inspection April 30 yielded two critical marks, one for dirty equipment with excess build-up and residue and another for prep tables being open with no workers at the stations. Critical issues are those that could make people sick if not corrected. Restaurant officials said a company was coming in May 23 to clean the floor and equipment legs.

The other complaint was for Best Buy Grocery, Cross Plains. On May 30, the bathroom was out of service until the septic system was fixed. During a routine visit May 31, it had no violations.

Sixteen other establishments also had critical marks.

Three had three critical infractions: Batesville Dairy Queen, dirty equipment doors and surfaces, food packages not being in good condition and smoking in the building; Casey’s General Store, Milan, pop machine ice chute needed cleaned, dirty equipment and personal items stored on table with mixer and food products; and GH Coffee Co., Versailles, milk on counter was too warm, coffee bag was hanging above handwash sink and cleaners were in drawer with food use items.

Four received two C’s: Lil’ Charlie’s, Batesville, shelving and prep table hinges needed cleaned; American Legion Post 235, Milan, raw beef stored above fish and bread products (contaminated products were disposed of) and prep table was at 54 degrees (everything had to be thrown out); KFC, Batesville, cole slaw was out past discard time and drive-thru pop machine behind ice chute needed cleaned (both were corrected); Hog Rock Cafe, Milan, burger prep table was at 54 degrees (all products were tossed in trash) and products labeled “refrigerate after opening” were not at 41 degrees or below (discarded).

Nine establishments had one critical mark: Weiler’s Hobo Hut, Batesville, freezer was too warm at 36 degrees; Randy’s Roadhouse, Batesville, roll of hamburger was laying in condensation water in refrigerator (discarded); Indian Lakes, Batesville, handwash sink had to be used for handwashing only; Milan Dairy Queen and Classic Pizza, Batesville, each had an ice machine that needed cleaned; Napoleon Tavern and Family Restaurant, unlabeled spray bottle; Friendship Tavern & Family Restaurant, lettuce and chicken was on the walk-in cooler floor; Versailles IGA, single-serve containers in back room had to be kept covered to prevent contamination; and Taco Bell, Versailles, employees were told to watch pushing carts and cans against racks that contain food use products.

Six spots had less serious, noncritical violations: Honey Jug, Madison, outer openings must be sealed with no gaps to prevent pests from entering and equipment must be clean; Ertel Cellars Winery, Batesville, pans need to air dry prior to stacking; Skyline Chili, Batesville, equipment must be allowed to air dry; D.J.’s Place, Milan, everything must be clean to sight and touch; Sunman IGA, deli floors and equipment must be clean; and Country Creations, Versailles, all food must be kept off the floor.

Some of these places may have been inspected since the second quarter and may have corrected the problems.

Twenty-six establishments had no violations: Quality Inn, The Sherman, Ison’s Family Pizza, Langen Meats, Batesville Food Mart, Big Four Cafe, Snikkers & Peanuts, Hillcrest Golf & Country Club, Batesville Memorial Pool, Aramark @ Hillrom, Harmeyer’s Market and Margaret Mary Health, Batesville; Cheryl’s Country Store, Cross Plains; Friendship Grocery; Divot’s Bar & Grille, Jay C, Reservation and The Huntington, Milan; Love’s Railroad Inn, Napoleon Mini Mart and C&P Tavern, Napoleon; Dollar General, Family Dollar and Classic Pizza, Sunman; and Pollard’s Bowl and Rolling Pin, Versailles.

Bauman also did one pre-operational inspection at Blue Olive Cafe, Milan.

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