Top five East Central High School senior: Molly Graham

Molly Graham

Molly Graham encourages high school freshmen to "put effort into your work. You will learn so much more."

That advice has been very beneficial for the senior who says her greatest high school accomplishments were "qualifying for the Indiana Academic Super Bowl in English every year. My freshman and junior years my team got first place, and my sophomore year we got third. I love working hard and playing hard with my teammates, and I'm so proud of all we've accomplished."

The daughter of Shaun and Edward Graham III, Lawrenceburg, has been involved in other extracurriculars, too, including Family, Career and Community Leaders of America; 4-H; LifeSmarts Knowledge Bowl; Dearborn County Youth Foundation; Student Ambassadors; and National Honor Society. However, her best-liked ones were "Book Club and English Academic Team because I love being around people my age who enjoy reading and discussing the deeper meaning of literature."

"I love all of the opportunities I had to learn outside of the classroom, such as field trips. Two of my favorites were the cadaver lab at Beacon and Cabaret Poe with Mrs. (Jenny) Tucker."

What I'm like: hard working, creative and passionate

My siblings: Ryan, 21; Becca, 24

What my future looks like: I plan to attend Tulane University as an English major on a premed track, participating in the Creative Premedical Program. If I am accepted into the program, I will attend Tulane's medical school .... My goal is to become a specialized doctor, though I am not sure what field yet. I want to become a doctor because of the experiences my family has had through the journey of diagnosing a chronic illness. I want to be like the doctors we were exposed to and treat patients like people, not statistics.

Why I chose this career path: I am fascinated by biological sciences, but I also have a passion for literature. I am excited that I found a college that encourages both of my passions.

Favorite courses: I love my United States history class and European history class because my teacher, Mr. (Bill) Owen, challenged us to think for ourselves and develop our own perspective on history.

Someone who impacted me: Mrs. (Marcie) Trossman has been my coach for the English Academic Team since freshman year and she was my literature teacher sophomore year. Because of her influence, I developed my passion for English and I thrived in her learning environment.

Honors: Academic Jacket recipient, Notre Dame Book Club Award, 4-H Creative Writing Grand Champion, AP Scholars, FCCLA state and national medals, LifeSmarts National Qualifier, National Merit Commended Scholar and various classroom awards

Postsecondary awards: Tulane Distinguished Scholar Award, Dearborn Community Foundation Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship

Working world: I am a math tutor. I enjoy understanding the different ways people learn new material and how to cater to that.

Hobbies: reading, writing, painting/drawing watching movies

American issue of concern: the lack of regulation on guns and mental health awareness in how they relate to school and mass shootings. This problem has been around for quite some time, yet little progress has been made because of division and stubbornness at the governmental level.