Even though she is only 17, Madison Chambers has had her digital art illustrations published in two children’s books.

Her love for art began at an early age. “After learning how to draw in the fourth grade, I wanted to learn everything I could about art, so I would use the internet as a means to improve,” recalls the Batesville High School senior. “That’s when I stumbled upon amazing paintings and illustrations that had all been done strictly digitally by means of a program and tablet. With only MS Paint and my mouse at my disposal, I began to learn and love digital art.”

“Thanks to Stacy Allgeier, who I had assisted in illustrating her book, ‘Wyatt’s Wind,’ I came in contact with Debi Stanton and Pen it! Publications (based in Columbus, Indiana). It all started with ‘Wyatt’s Wind’ being a shared project with Mr. (Kyle) Hunteman’s digital design class at Batesville High School, which opened up the opportunity for me to be signed as an official illustrator.”

Her first solo illustrated book, “The Stray,” came about recently.

She designed the colors, style and look of the book, which was written by a 9-year-old boy.

The young lady also used her talents to enter the Knights of Pythias poster contest. With the theme “Go Green, Help Save the World,” her entry won first place at the local level. She then placed first at state and second overall at the national level, winning $1,100 in scholarships.

“What I enjoy the most about digital art is the endless horizon of possibilities at my disposal,” Chambers points out. “I am free to create without limitation of resources and materials, unlike traditional art, for I am only limited by my own ability. What some do not understand is that technology has progressed artistic expression as far as it has ever been.”

“Other forms of artwork I find joy in are hands-on activities like scrapbooking, painting, crafts and cosplay. They help to stretch my creative muscles and give me a sort of creative outlet.”

The teen, who turns 18 at the end of the month, plans to graduate from BHS in May 2020 with honors. Then she will attend Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis to major in either illustration or animation in hopes that she can work for an animation studio.

“My dream job is to work at the Walt Disney company as a storyboard or character artist helping stories come alive on the big screen.”

“I have a wonderful supportive family that includes my mom, Denise; dad Steve; and sister Courtney. They do everything they can to support me in any way they can, and I owe so much of my success to them,” says the Ripley County Humane Society volunteer.

“I enjoy my artist hobbies as well as anything Disney related, watching movies and being involved in my church’s youth group.”

She encourages, “Anyone can be creative, it just takes practice and passion.”

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