BCSC nobbe, hunter, cole

BCSC Treasurer Todd Nobbe (from left) detailed the investment report, director of operations Tim Hunter explained fiscal indicators and administrative secretary Laura Cole will help recruit substitute teachers. The four principals sat behind them at the board meeting.

Two sessions of a Batesville Community School Corp. Substitute Teacher Hiring Event are planned for Wednesday, Jan. 29, between 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m. and 6-7:30 p.m. at the BCSC Administration Building, 626 N. Huntersville Road, Batesville, superintendent Paul Ketcham announced at the Jan. 20 board meeting.

He said the next day, “There have been substitute recruitment events in the past at BCSC. They were effective, but they where short-term fixes. We are trying to build a sustainable program under the direction of (BCSC administrative secretary) Laura Cole. We are so thankful for our current substitutes, but we would like to grow and provide additional support for this invaluable group of professionals.

“The pool of potential substitute teachers tends to decrease as the school year progresses. BCSC would love to increase the pool by reaching out to as many professionals in our community as possible and inviting them to become an invaluable part of the BCSC team. Quality substitute teachers positively impact student outcomes and achievements,” the superintendent noted.

Substitute teachers are required to be at least 18, possess a high school diploma, must apply for a substitute teaching license and be able to pass a national background check.

Application packets can be found at https://batesvilleinschools.com.

Each attendee should bring a completed application packet and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services I-9 verification (which can include a passport or driver’s license and Social Security Card or driver’s license and birth certificate).

Persons with questions may call 812-934-2194 and speak with Cole or secretary Gerri Gill.

Director of operations Tim Hunter reviewed BCSC’s financial condition, based on government documents found at https://www.in.gov/duab/2386.htm (scroll to Batesville Community School Corp.). The fiscal indicators are “all available to the public for every school district in Indiana ... all of the information is compiled by the state ... it’s a little bit lagging. Their data comes from all of the different reports we are required to submit over the course of each year.”

The first chart, showing enrollment, noted five years had rising student populations vs. three years falling slightly. The 2.4% decrease during the 2018-19 school year was after readiness kindergarten went away. He added, “We did have a substantial increase” for this school year.

The second chart of various fund balances was less useful because fund names have changed over the 2011-18 time period.

The third indicator provided a comparison of revenue to expenditures. From 2011-18, BCSC had deficits in four years (three slight with a larger one of around $1 million in 2014), surpluses in two, and revenues were equal to expenses in two. Hunter gave one example of how a deficit might be misleading: Bond revenue may be available one year, but not spent until the next school year.

According to Ketcham, “Unfortunately, a lot of our neighboring districts are going to see more blue (expenditures) than green (revenue). 2019 (not on the chart) was a good year” with a record $4.9 million in the bank. “Our revenue was above our deficit. We don’t carry a large surplus or a lot of debt” because the board wants to be fiscally responsible.

The final chart showed salaries and benefits as percentages of General Fund (now called Education Fund) expenditures. BCSC started in 2011 at about $10.5 million or around 75%, then stairstepped up to a high of over $13 million or 96% in 2017 before dipping $1 million in 2018 to 90% due to putting special education salaries and benefits in its own fund. The director said 90% “is kind of a benchmark” for salaries and benefits compared to overall expenditures.

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