The trucking industry has become even more important as COVID-19 concerns disrupt our daily lives.

“Goods are still flowing, but the dynamics are more challenging with some shippers and receivers being closed or not having enough personnel to load or empty our trucks,” reports Cari Baylor, Baylor Trucking Inc., Milan, president.

“We have purchased cleaning supplies and hygiene items for our professional driving fleet in addition to food. Unfortunately, many restrooms are closed because the states have closed rest areas and many shippers and receivers have limited their traffic due to COVID-19, so restroom facilities are a crisis right now for America’s professional truck drivers. We are speaking with our professional drivers daily and ensuring they have prayer, mindfulness meditation apps and a team of people behind them 24/7 to safely roll strong on our highways. We are actively delivering pharmaceuticals, needed items for hospitals, doctors and the American public .... We are going everywhere from Maine to California.”

“Good healthy food is limited because restaurants are closed and our professional drivers don’t have the same options for shopping or carryout that we do. So we have healthy kits full of apples, protein bars, toilet paper and sanitizer for them because they can’t sustain this hard work on french fries that they have to walk through a drive-thru to get.”

Baylor emphasizes, “We express our gratitude to our associates and team members who are coming to work every day. It takes an integrated family team to support our professional drivers. We are a family because we will be celebrating 75 years of being in business in September. These men and women are the heroes of the highways. Their families are home alone, and they’re making sacrifices.

“They often go without amenities. There are only certain areas where they can park, and they have to make sure that their cargo is protected. Our company has done a lot to make sure they have everything they need.”

Individuals are expressing their appreciation. “We are receiving thank-you notes in the mail in addition to positive social media comments.”

“It’s definitely a critical time .... We salute our first responders, medical professionals and our heroes of the highway.”

Diane Raver can be contacted at or 812-934-4343, ext. 220114.

Diane Raver can be contacted at or 812-934-4343, ext. 220114.

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