Kasey Wells

Kasey Wells says, “My campaign can be summed up as equality and balance. I want to bring balance to the broken political system.”

Recently, a shiny elephant made from scrap metals and materials sitting on the back of a trailer was seen in Batesville. Onlookers may have been intrigued.

No, the circus is not coming to town nor is there an art contest in the works, but a presidential candidate did make an appearance.

Kasey Wells, an independent, write-in candidate for president, said he was traveling around the Midwest and East Coast to bring attention to his campaign, “Let’s Take our Country Back.” The sculpture represents “the elephant in the room,” topics “we don’t often discuss,” such as corruption and economic balance. “The gap between the rich and the poor really concerns me.”

The No. 1 reason why he is running is “to empower the American people.”

“The Declaration of Independence says the government derives its powers from the governed and from the consent of the governed. I feel like this has been forgotten .... It has been operating outside our consent for so long.”

“I want to help build a government-based website that will allow all U.S. citizens to log on, view upcoming government agendas, have the opportunity to give input on those agendas and have that input voted up or down. I think the best input would rise to the top, and that is what we should be building public policy around. It’s the ‘wisdom of the crowds.’ I believe public policy should be driven by public input, and I believe public servants should serve public interests.”

The Lexington, Illinois, resident also feels the government should focus on protecting people from environmental threats and helping people meet their basic needs.

During his travels, Wells has found that citizens are most concerned about political corruption, politicians working for private interests, not public interests; economic struggles, the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer; environmental concerns, “Are our children’s children going to have a planet to live on?”; over-incarceration, privatized prisons and police brutality; and lack of civil discourse.

“There are alternatives (to voting Republican or Democrat). I am here to provide you with another option. I am a poor man who understands the struggles people are facing at the bottom of the economic spectrum.”

Wells expects to travel more in the spring, but says, “This winter, I have a lot of work to do. There are nine states where you can’t be written in as a candidate, 32 where you need to do additional paperwork and nine where you don’t have to do anything to be a write-in candidate.”

He has hope because “95% of people are good-hearted, kind Americans who are ready to see a change as badly as I do. Eighty percent of the people I talk to say, ‘You have my vote.”

“My campaign can be summed up as equality and balance. I want to bring balance to the broken political system.”

More details on Wells’ campaign can be found at kaseywellsforpresident.com.

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