Motorists driving around Oldenburg will have to be more precise about their speeds and parking abilities soon. The Oldenburg Town Council approved Ordinance 3-2010 Jan. 3, which states the speed limit is 30 miles per hour. Drivers who speed can be fined up to $100, according to the document. In the future, “special hazard areas ... resulting in a lower speed limit, may be imposed by resolution of council,” the ordinance noted. Vehicles must be parked parallel to the right side of the road with the vehicle’s curb side within 12 inches of the road’s edge. There are increasing penalties for parking offenses: $5 for the first one, $10 for the second and $25 for the third offense. Upon legal publication, the ordinance will be in effect in several weeks. After positive feedback about Oldenburg’s new Christmas lights at the Dec. 6 meeting, members asked holiday decorations committee member John Gehring to present an estimate for more to fill in sparse areas. His estimate for 30 multicolored wreaths was $19,813. Each display costs $362, for a total of $10,849, with other expenses for outlets, cords, power, lift rental, storage hardware, shipping and labor. Duke Energy will charge $40 to add each electrical receptacle if the pole has an existing streetlight and $55 if it does not. “The monthly charge for usage is $3.41 per receptacle," every month, not just the months the decorations are up, wrote Bonnie Weisenbach, Duke Energy senior distribution engineering specialist, in a Dec. 17 letter. Member Greg Struewing said he doesn't mind paying fees for the months the outlets are used, but thought the year-round amount should be contested. Gehring agreed, “That to me is a ripoff.” The issue was tabled until OTC gains more information from Duke and makes a decision on whether added decorations are affordable. “There is not money budgeted for it,” reminded clerk-treasurer Cindy Laker, who suggested members could allot riverboat revenue-sharing funds. Struewing told committee members Gehring, Karen Enneking and Ginny Selkirk, "Thanks for all the hard work. The lights do look awesome." Gehring and other volunteers planned to start taking them down Jan. 5.

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