Sunman Town Hall

SUNMAN – Even though it was only a half hour meeting, Sunman Town Council members covered a lot of ground Aug. 15.

Sunman citizens voiced concerns about traffic safety two months ago, saying motorists were speeding and passing vehicles on State Road 101 (Meridian Street), making it dangerous in places.

Council member Don Foley contacted the Indiana Department of Transportation and asked what could be done to alleviate the problems. "I've had several conversations back and forth with them," he said.

The existing speeds are 30 mph through the downtown area, 40 mph from the fire/police departments to just north of The Occasions Group (formerly known as McPhersons) property on the town's north side. The plan for slowing down vehicles coming into Sunman is to convert the 55 mph zone to 45 mph up to Schneider Road, just north of town.

INDOT officials were also willing to restrict passing in both directions from County Road 1000 North on the south side to just north of The Occasions Group.

The changes should take effect within the next week or two, Foley noted.

Pat Scharf announced, "A few years ago we borrowed an electronic speed sign. They have one up in Batesville now .... I think that makes people stop and realize how fast they're going. Maybe we can borrow one of those signs for awhile to put up in town."

Town Marshal Jason Hoffman said he would check with area police departments to see if he could use one of theirs.

STC members signed Ripley County Ordinance 2019-3, which would allow for the "manufacture of malt products, brewing, distillation of liquid and spirits, aging/maturation, packaging, storage or warehousing of distilled alcohol/ethanol that may result in volatile organic compound emissions or alcohol/ethanol emissions, capable of forming Baudoinia compniacensis" to only be permitted by special exception in Ripley County.

Town attorney John Kellerman said, "It was already passed by the county commissioners. The towns have to sign it before it becomes part of the zoning code."

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