The Commissioners Council on Historic Metamora, founded two years ago by commissioners to enforce the historic town’s guidelines, was dissolved by them Nov. 14, President Lou Linkel reported. The final straw came when two of the six council members, Al Payette and Dean Peercy, who were appointed by commissioners in September, resigned. “We’ve had so many problems” with merchants and residents who disagreed with council decisions, then complained to commissioners. “I don’t think we gained anything by having that board.”

Previously CCHM members had asked for Payette’s removal because he is not an Indiana resident as state law mandates. Payette owns a restaurant in Metamora, but lives in Newport, Ky.

CCHM member Jo Ball was disappointed. “The few people ... who are against the council were always the ones who screamed the loudest.” She said she felt the commissioners’ action “was underhanded ... and illegal. They are not supposed to just ban it on a single vote.” Guidelines state two weeks of legal notice leading to a public meeting and vote are required.

Payette reported Nov. 17 nails had been strewn in his personal parking space. “Obviously it is to retaliate” over past tiffs.

Many believe residents will work at getting the town incorporated. Linkel noted, “I think they’d be a lot better off.” If that happens, Metamora would share dollars divided between legal towns.

“It’s definitely our hope” to incorporate, Ball said. “It may take awhile.”


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