The Batesville Middle School addition and upgrade project (detailed in the Aug. 23 issue) and Batesville Community School Corp. Choices 2.0 program were the main topics at the Aug. 19 meeting.

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  • Seventy students are participating in the BCSC After School Child Care Program overseen by three full-time employees: coordinator Tracy Jacobs and two new hires, latch key paraprofessional Amanda Hammond and latch key assistant Meggan Kraut. Several part-time employees also help with the program.
  • When reviewing extracurricular account reports, trustee Larry Merkel pointed out two accounts had substantial amounts, close to $60,000 in Batesville Music Boosters and $70,000 in Athletics. He asked how that money is spent. Ketcham answered that the boosters raise money for music programs' "very expensive uniforms and instruments." The athletics fund maintains and operates sports programs at Batesville Middle School and Batesville High School. In addition to uniforms, "our biggest expense right now is probably officials," costing between $200-$400 per event.
  • The board OK'd a resolution to amend the School Bus Replacement Plan. With BCSC taking over four contracted routes instead of the expected three, four used buses recently were purchased.
  • Board members and administrators had job duties at the 36th annual staff picnic Sept. 4 at 5 p.m. at the Liberty Park Pavilion. Once again Community Church of Batesville provided pulled pork barbecue for BCSC families, according to director of operations Tim Hunter.
  • As of July 31, BCSC's Education Fund had a cash balance of $712,383 or 5.1 percent of the year's total, lower than the board's 8 percent goal, according to Hunter's monthly financial report. He attributed the low figure to paying six months of the Ripley-Ohio-Dearborn Special Education Cooperative bill. Hunter predicted, "That balance will continue to climb" until November, when employees get three paychecks instead of two.
  • Two trustees had questions before approving personnel recommendations. Blessing said of Amber Erhart, "I see her with two different positions." The superintendent explained she will be substituting for teachers taking maternity leaves at separate times. Merkel asked about the responsibilities of data coaches. Ketcham pointed out, "We make data-driven decisions" using NWEA (a computer assessment) and other metrics to learn where students' learning weaknesses and strengths are. Coaches, who are teachers, put the data into a format to discuss with teachers at each grade level "so they can make plans to individualize the educational process."
  • These recommendations were OK'd: Certified – extended leaves: Ashley Boyce, BPS first-grade teacher; Brittany Nuhring, BIS third-grade teacher; extended leave replacements: Shaloah Champion, BIS fourth-grade teacher; Amber Erhart, BIS special education and third-grade teacher; new: Judd Klingerman, BHS Spanish teacher; Jennifer Steinkamp, BHS guidance counselor.

Classified – resignations: Dave Abel, BCSC school resource officer; Jacob Hornberger, BCSC After School Child Care Program paraprofessional; new: Chiu-Ju Washburn, BPS kindergarten Mandarin DLI paraprofessional; Sharon Chia, BPS special education/orthopedic impairment program paraprofessional; Shannon Wilson, BIS ED paraprofessional; Connie Miller, Melissa Wenning and Tracy Jacobs, BMS Ripley-Ohio-Dearborn Special Education Cooperative paraprofessionals; Barb Greene, BMS clinic aide; Sandibel Hillenbrand, BHS cafeteria staff; Amanda Hammond, BCSC After School Child Care Program paraprofessional; Meggan Kraut, BCSC After School Child Care Program assistant.

Extracurricular – new: Amanda Moore, Emily Helvie, Cathy Ollier, Gail Streit and Angie Weigel, BPS data coaches; Kindra Moore, Kayla Pinckley and Julie Ryan, BIS data coaches; Ben Pierson, Chase Mears and Emily Bower, BMS data coaches; Arika Burck, Jennifer Steinkamp, Bret McFall, Dawn Campbell and Lisa Gausman, BHS data coaches; Kari Kinsey, BIS fifth-grade band and chorale director; Cindy Weisenbach, BIS Garden Club coordinator.

Athletics – BHS: new: Bryan Helvie, girls basketball coach; Garrett Yorn, cross country assistant coach; Malena Smith, cross country volunteer assistant; Gerald Laker, softball assistant coach; Ben Siefert, boys tennis assistant coach; Jama Cleghorn, cheerleading head coach; re-appointed: Tim Bohman, football volunteer coach; Randy Obermeyer, softball head coach; George Dumais, softball assistant coach; Stacey Kessens, softball junior varsity coach; Justin Tucker, baseball head coach; Alex Meer, baseball varsity assistant; Tyler Burcham, baseball assistant coach.

Athletics – BMS: new: Emily Helvie and Carisa VanSickle, tennis coaches; Jack Bonelli, football coach.

Transportation – full-time school bus drivers: Shannon Bingaman, Deb Crain, Eldon Cutter, Steve Deputy, Amy Gunter, Linda Gutzwiller, Norman Gutzwiller, Dan Hooten, RobbieAnn Hostetler, Mike Kick, Jim Kirschner, Jason Laudick, Gary Litzinger, George Litzinger, Julie Litzinger, Cindy Long, David McQueen, Rhonda McQueen, Curtis Miller, Brad Ott, Jay Pfeiffer, Kim Powell, Jackie Roell, Gerri Schwegman, Richard Seals, Angie Shane, Derek Voegele and Matt Wiedeman; substitute school bus drivers: Bob Bane, Dan Baumer, Misty Burris, Thais Cook, Bob Fitzpatrick, Bernice Hazelwood, Dale Jacobs, Ed James, Ed Krause, Sharon Norman, Mark Struewing and Ken Weisenbach.

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