St. Louis School kindergarten students recently received a grant through the Ruth and Chester Baylor Foundation to purchase a kit titled Letters Alive, and “we are so fortunate to bring augmented reality into our classrooms,” reported kindergarten teacher Krista Konradi.

The students learn about letters, sounds and animals that correspond with the sounds. Additionally, they learn how to build sentences, create word families and learn about science with the 3-D augmented reality world filled with 26 animals. At St. Louis, students are engaged in a positive learning experience as they hear, see, touch, build and speak throughout several lessons, which are extremely beneficial for the kinesthetic, visual and auditory learners. Students and kindergarten teachers already love the phonics program and get excited for each lesson waiting in anticipation to see what animal will represent each letter.

“We want to say thank you to the Ruth and Chester Baylor Foundation for your generous donation. In addition, we also want to show our appreciation to our PTO Treasurer Jane Lieland who assisted with writing the grant. Our kindergarten students at St. Louis will now have a better understanding of letters/sounds and punctuation with sentence structure all due to your donation,” Konradi said. “We have never seen our students so excited about letters and that’s all thanks to you! Just watching our kindergarten students and their reaction to the lessons are priceless.”

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