Gabriel “Eddie” Seitz, 29, Versailles, was found guilty Nov. 8 of possession of methamphetamine and unlawful possession of a syringe, Level 6 felonies; possession of marijuana, a Class B misdemeanor; and possession of paraphernalia, a Class C misdemeanor, following a three-day jury trial in Ripley County Superior Court, according to a news release.

Seitz will be sentenced Dec. 3 by Judge Jeffrey Sharp with a range of imprisonment from six months to two and a half years on each Level 6 conviction, up to 180 days on the Class B misdemeanor, and up to 60 days on the Class C misdemeanor.

At trial, the state called Indiana State Police and Versailles Police Department officers as witnesses. They explained that they arrived at a residence just south of Pangburn Park in an attempt to locate a wanted individual. While surveilling the residence in question, the officers observed numerous individuals entering and exiting the converted garage area. After obtaining a search warrant, the officers entered the residence, where methamphetamine, heroin, numerous controlled substances, syringes and drug paraphernalia were located. Also located in the garage area was a suitcase belonging to Seitz that contained a syringe and a spoon that had been used to assist in the injection of meth.

The officers further testified that while they were at the house, a truck with Seitz as a passenger pulled into the driveway. When he was detained by police, the man was standing next to the truck bed. After a search of the truck, officers located nearly 5 grams of meth in the truck bed.

Lastly, the state called two Indiana State Police Laboratory forensic scientists to discuss the forensic evidence located in the case. The first scientist was able to confirm that the substance found by the officers was methamphetamine. The second scientist testified that she discovered Seitz’s DNA on the bag of meth located in the truck bed.

At trial, the state of Indiana was represented by Chief Deputy Prosecutor Shane Tucker, who complimented the Indiana State Police and its laboratory for their dedication to this case and their thorough investigation. He also thanked the jury for their attentiveness to the evidence. Regarding the case, Prosecutor Ric Hertel stated, “Drugs continue to be a significant issue that affects nearly every facet of our community. My office will continue to address our county’s drug problem head-on. We’re encouraged with the jury’s finding of guilt on all counts.”

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