How is the jury list created and how are jurors selected for potential jury service?

The Indiana Supreme Court, using information from Department of Revenue and Bureau of Motor Vehicles, creates a comprehensive, statewide repository of potential jurors for Indiana trial courts. This repository or master jury list is updated every year with new potential jurors, and all individuals identified as deceased or underage for jury service and those who have moved out of state are removed, according to Sarah Kidwell, Indiana Supreme Court outreach coordinator.

The list is also validated against U.S. Postal Service address data, which standardizes the form of addresses with the county and flags addresses that may have delivery errors. In the past couple of years, Franklin County identified several street addresses that were not part of the county, and those street addresses were included in the update process for new, incoming records. This year, some of those street addresses were pulled into the jury pool that were not new, incoming records and resulted in out-of-county jurors drawn into their annual jury pool for 2020.

“To help improve the master jury list process, the Indiana Supreme Court recently updated the current records in Franklin County’s jury pool to reflect the correct county based on information provided to us. We will always strive to deliver an inclusive list of Indiana’s citizens for each county to maximize the eligible jurors for jury trials in Indiana,” Kidwell said.

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