Home alone, then a masked man with a gun barges in

Daniel Curran

A Cross Plains man faces two charges – burglary with a deadly weapon, a Level 2 felony; and intimidation, a Level 5 felony – after an incident that occurred late at night.

On June 29 at about 5 a.m., Indiana State Police Sgt. Jared Black was dispatched to 4917 E. State Road 62, Cross Plains, regarding a battery complaint, according to a probable cause affidavit he wrote that was filed in Ripley Superior Court July 3.

The sergeant arrived at the residence and spoke with Beverly Kluemper and her boyfriend. "Kluemper stated earlier in the evening she was home alone and heard her dog barking, so she got up and looked out of the living room window. Kluemper said she saw a small unfamiliar car parked in the driveway, then heard someone knocking on her door."

The woman opened the door and was immediately rushed at the door by a large man who was wearing all black clothing and a mask and carrying a handgun. The court document stated the man "pushed into her residence and put the gun to her head, demanding her to take her clothes off." Kluemper refused.

The man continued to make that demand, moving closer to Kluemper, which allowed her to look up at the suspect’s face. "Kluemper said she felt like she was familiar with the male, saying she recognized his eyes and his height," according to the affidavit. She believed the man was Daniel Curran, 30, who also goes by the nickname “Stretch.”

The woman asked, “Stretch, is that you? You are scaring me.”

The man paused, then removed the mask. "It was in fact Curran, who she described as a friend of hers. She said Curran 'reeked of alcohol' and appeared intoxicated."

Kluemper was able to get Curran out of the house with conversation, at which point he put the gun in his back pocket. "Kluemper was able to run back into the residence and lock the door," the document said.

The man walked to a red car that was parked in her driveway and left.

Kluemper described the gun used by Curran as a small dark-colored revolver. The mask was made of a neoprene type material, not knit. She said Curran was wearing black pants, possibly jeans, and a black shirt that was “tank top material.”

Black learned that Curran lived at 8792 S. State Road 129, Cross Plains, and proceeded to the residence with additional officers to attempt to locate him.

Upon arrival, they observed a small red car that matched the description given by Kluemper, along with a white vehicle that Kluemper said Curran normally drives. In plain view inside of the red car, Black saw a revolver laying in the front passenger seat and a mask matching the woman's description on the floor board.

After repeatedly knocking, Curran came out of a side door. He was wearing a black tank top as described by Kluemper and blue boxer-type shorts.

The sergeant advised Curran of his Miranda rights, which he freely waived. Curran, who had been home since June 26, said "he has been depressed and drinking heavily for some time because his mom had cancer and his girlfriend recently left him. Curran denied knowledge of the handgun and denied the events described by Kluemper, but at one point stated, 'I’ve been drinking and I can’t remember what I’ve done.'"

Curran was taken into custody and transported to the Ripley County Jail, Versailles, without incident.

An initial hearing was held July 3 before Ripley Circuit Court Judge Ryan King, who required a $30,000 cash bond. Curran remained in custody July 5, according to a jail officer.

The judge also issued a no contact order. If released from jail, Curran was ordered to have no contact with Kluemper in person, by phone, letter or any other way.

After a Sept. 24 pretrial conference, a jury trial has been set for Nov. 19 at 9 a.m.

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