Indiana has received an extension to continue operation of the state’s Healthy Indiana Plan, a health insurance program for qualified adults, through Feb. 28, Gov. Eric Holcomb said Jan. 29. The current HIP program was set to expire Jan. 31.

“We had hoped to receive approval of our expanded HIP program by Wednesday. We’re close, but we are still working through the final details of our new plan with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS),” said the governor. “This extension allows us to continue HIP until the waiver application is approved. Our more than 400,000 HIP participants will see no change in service.”

Indiana submitted a HIP waiver application in January 2017 and filed an amendment in the summer. When the waiver is approved, Indiana will expand treatment options to Hoosiers impacted by the drug epidemic, enhance opportunities to connect eligible HIP participants to meaningful employment and community engagement, and ease administrative burdens for HIP members.

In the event there was an extended federal government shutdown, CMS notified the state Jan. 22 that the current HIP program would continue through February.

HIP was created in 2007 by Gov. Mitch Daniels and has since become a model for the nation. The program focuses on improving health outcomes and reducing the costs of health care delivery for all who participate. Gov. Mike Pence expanded the program in 2015 as Indiana’s alternative to traditional Medicaid expansion.

Hoosier may apply for HIP by going to or calling 877-438-4479.

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