The U.S. Department of Agriculture recently announced the number of certified organic operations in the United States reached 27,494 in 2018, up by 1,093 over the 2017 count.

A complete list of certified organic farms and businesses is available in the Organic Integrity Database at The database discourages fraud by providing accurate and timely information about operations certified to use the USDA organic seal.

Out of slightly over 800 organic operations in Indiana, six are located in Franklin and Ripley counties:

• Blossom Family Farm, owner Jeremiah Blossom, 18105 Streetcar Road, Brookville. Crops: mixed vegetables, mushrooms, hay, seedlings, woods (for maple sap); livestock: swine (some eligible for organic slaughter); wild crops: mixed fruits, vegetables and medicinal herbs. Info: 765-647-2911 or

• Kemp Organic Farm, owner Delmar Kemp, 8796 Benham Road, Cross Plains. Crops: corn, hay; livestock: dairy cows. Info: 765-525-9377.

• Amazen Graze Organic Farm, owner Jeff Chandler, 9560 State Road 129, Cross Plains. Cover crops: alfalfa, clover.

• Green Valley Farm, 6518 W. County Road 650 N., Osgood. Crops: corn, forage. Info: 608-479-1389 or

• Ridge View Farm, owner Levi Beiler, 7686 S. County Road 225 W., Versailles. Crops: corn, hay, forage. Info: 812-689-6010.

• Samuel Stoltzfoos, 1470 E. County Road 800 S., Versailles. Crops: corn, oats/alfalfa, soybeans, hay. Info: 812-756-3077.

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