Mayor’s Youth Council adviser Kim Linkel was introduced as the Batesville Area Chamber of Commerce Volunteer Award recipient by Co-Presidents Ciera Belter and Biz Mullen.

“Mayor’s Youth Council is an organization of students from seventh through 12th grades, and we are focused on community service and serving as a positive representation for Batesville’s youth,” Belter announced.

“We feel that volunteering is a crucial part of what we do because it is important to give back to the community which has given so much to us. Through this service, we have been able to cement our position in the community as a driven group of youth who have a strong desire to give back. However, our efforts would not be possible without the guidance and assistance of our adviser, Kim Linkel.”

The Franklin College graduate, who has served as an MYC adviser since 2007, “has put 13 years of hard work into the youth of Batesville because she sees our potential as future engaged community members. Not only is Kim constantly presenting us with new opportunities to grow as leaders and community members, but she takes the time to get to know and invest in each of us personally. She is an amazing role model for both the youngest and oldest members of the council, as she holds a warm and approachable, yet authoritative, presence that is extremely respectable in all aspects. Because of the amazing work she has done with Mayor’s Youth Council, Kim was given the AIM (Accelerating Indiana Municipalities) Youth Council Adviser of the Year Award.”

Mullen added, “It is truly amazing to see the effort Kim puts into Mayor’s Youth Council considering how much she is involved in on top of it. She has been a member of several committees, including the annual Christmas Tree Lighting Planning Committee, Batesville Community School Corp. Wellness Council, Batesville Bash Planning Committee, Indiana’s Bicentennial Planning Committee and PreventionFIRST! Community Engagement Committee. Her involvement on these projects shows the amount of time and effort Kim is willing to put forth in the name of community service.

“Kim is involved with the Coalition for a Drug-Free Batesville, which she has been a member of since day one. She is extremely passionate about the work they do to make Batesville a safer and healthier place for everyone living here. Kim has also served as Southeastern Indiana Voices for Children treasurer and secretary because she cares deeply about giving a voice and an opportunity to children who have had theirs taken away.

“It is easy to see that Kim has a true passion for giving back to her community. Through her involvement in countless community-oriented organizations, how much she has invested into Batesville’s youth and the sheer amount of time and effort she put into giving back, she has demonstrated how much she truly deserves this Volunteer of the Year Award.”

Linkel said, “It means so much that others see the impact of the initiatives that are driving change in the community ... I don’t do what I do for recognition, I do it because I feel it’s the right thing to do.”

“It means the world to me to have my family and friends and MYC members here. These students drive me to be a better version of myself. They are truly remarkable young people who will go places in life.”

The daughter of Bill Linkel and the late Wanita Linkel, who has two siblings, Sheryl McCreary and Scott Linkel; three nieces, Madison and Meredith McCreary and Brionna Linkel; and a nephew, Brady Linkel, pointed out, “At the end of the day, it’s not about what you have or accomplish, it’s about what you’ve given back.”

Diane Raver can be contacted at or 812-934-4343, ext. 220114.

Diane Raver can be contacted at or 812-934-4343, ext. 220114.