As night fell over the city of Greensburg Sept. 15, a few hundred people gathered together on the courthouse lawn to hopefully bring light to a dark situation. Bobbi Quinlin and Nick Thompson, both who have walked the halls of Greensburg High School, brought people together to honor Billy Lucas and show solidarity against the bullying they say runs rampant and unchecked through the school. Quinlin began the candlelight vigil by telling the crowd they were gathered to honor Billy Lucas, and while they can no longer save him, they can try to ensure no other Greensburg student is bullied to the point of suicide. “All we can do is stand up,” Quinlin said. “Let the bullies know if you bully one of us, you bully us all.” Remorse and regret in the wake of his suicide have been common emotions throughout the student body this week, she said. Silence led to his death and now was the time to speak up. “We could have all done something, and we all share the blame,” Quinlin said. “Everyone is thinking now. We should have been thinking then.” Committing to end bullying now, Quinlin and Thompson invited people up one by one. Many current and former students shared their stories. Some were friends, others strangers who felt a kinship to Lucas. Some were parents with a message to share. “People have no respect for one another. We have no morals, no values,” Ginger Smith, a former North Decatur student, said. “We are not going to bury another child, we are not going to bury another adult for senseless crimes.” After the vigil, many stayed around the area to share stories and continue to show support. JoAnn King, a concerned parent, said students need to be reprimanded for bullying, but parents also need to teach their children to respect others. “You talk about bullying at school. What about the parents? It starts with the parents and that’s where they’re learning it,” King said. Many people came out to show support, but also as a way to say goodbye. Beth Morrow said she was picked on in high school for being different and it led her to drop out. She noted bullying occurs not just at school, but around the entire community.

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