Amazon Key allows in-home package deliveries

(RNN) - A new Amazon service gives access to your home to trusted people like parcel deliverers, dog walkers, friends and family.

Amazon sells Amazon Key as a way for you to ensure your Amazon Prime shipments are safely delivered - in other words, not stolen from the front porch - and you don't have to leave your key under the doormat. 

The key to the remote access is a camera, which communicates with a smart lock wirelessly.

A courier who arrives for an in-home delivery scans the barcode, which is sent to the Amazon cloud. The cloud grants permission, and the camera starts recording. 

You can arrange monitor deliveries live via a special app, which also informs you whenever someone locks or unlocks your door. You also can allow permanent and temporary access to people as needed.

Amazon Key is available for Amazon Prime members in selected areas for $249.99, and requires the installation of a cloud cam and smart lock.

People on Twitter had a field day dragging what they called a dystopian product ripe for abuses.

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