Batesville Herald Tribune, Batesville, Indiana

April 4, 2014

area menus

The Batesville Herald-Tribune

---- — April 7-11

Batesville Primary School

Monday: Taco with shell, lettuce, cheese, salsa, refried beans, fruit, milk.

Tuesday: Cheeseburger, baked french fries, corn, fruit, milk.

Wednesday: Popcorn chicken, mashed potatoes, broccoli, fruit, milk.

Thursday: Salad bar, spring mix, fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, protein, whole grain bread, milk.

Friday: Grilled cheese, green beans, sweet potato, fruit, milk.

BPS breakfast

Monday: Cereal bar, fruit, milk.

Tuesday: Breakfast bagel, fruit, milk.

Wednesday: Sausage, jelly bread, fruit juice, milk.

Thursday: Whole grain cereal, cinnamon toast, fruit, milk.

Friday: Pancakes and syrup, fruit, milk.

Batesville Intermediate School

Monday: Meatball sub, Frito corn chips, cauliflower and broccoli cup, fruit, milk.

Tuesday: Sliced ham, au gratin potatoes, winter blend, fruit, milk.

Wednesday: Chicken cordon bleu on bun, baked beans, carrot cup, fruit, milk.

Thursday: Spaghetti and meat sauce, green beans, garlic toast, fruit, milk.

Friday: Tomato soup, grilled cheese sandwich, veggie cup, fruit, milk.

(Salad bar offered daily)

Batesville Middle School

Monday: Chicken sticks, seasoned noodles, steamed broccoli, fresh vegetable cup, fruit, milk.

Tuesday: Hamburger on bun, oven fries, baked beans, fruit, milk.

Wednesday: Chicken and gravy, mashed potatoes, green beans, fruit, milk.

Thursday: Spaghetti with meat sauce, mini garlic toast, tossed salad, corn, fruit, milk.

Friday: Shrimp poppers, peas, cheesy potatoes, fruit, milk.

(Salad bar offered daily)

St. Louis School

Monday: Buffalo style chicken tenders, dinner roll, fries, fruit, milk.

Tuesday: Breaded chicken on bun, corn, fruit, milk.

Wednesday: Potato bar, crackers, broccoli, fruit, milk.

Thursday: Chicken noodle soup, half turkey sandwich, carrots, fruit, milk.

Friday: Cheesy breadsticks, baked beans, fruit, milk.

(Fresh vegetables and tossed salad served daily)

Sunman elementary and Sunman-Dearborn intermediate schools

Monday: Homemade chicken noodle soup and half grilled cheese sandwich, silly dilly green beans, romaine super salad with dressing, chilled pineapple tidbits, milk.

Tuesday: Homemade walking taco with baked chips, salsa, fresh vegetables with dip, chilled mandarin oranges, fresh fruit, fresh baked cookie, milk.

Wednesday: Spaghetti with meat sauce, breadstick, crazy corn on the cob, romaine super salad with dressing, chilled peaches, fresh fruit, milk.

Thursday: Tyson baked chicken drumstick, homemade dinner roll, mashed potatoes with gravy, romaine super salad with dressing, chilled fruit cocktail, fresh fruit, milk.

Friday: Fish nuggets with sauce, homemade macaroni and cheese, silly dilly green beans, romaine super salad with dressing, chilled pineapple tidbits, fresh fruit, milk.

(Peanut butter sandwich is available daily instead of the main dish)

Sunman-Dearborn Middle School

Monday: Big Daddy’s hand-tossed pepperoni pizza and broccoli with cheese sauce or baked Tyson chicken nuggets, pretzel rod, choice of condiments and baked beans, milk.

Tuesday: Tyson buffalo chicken wrap and garden peas or Tyson cheeseburger on bun with choice of condiments and baked curly fries, milk.

Wednesday: Build-your-own sub, broccoli with cheese sauce, milk.

Thursday: Pork patty with roll, mashed potatoes and gravy, milk.

Friday: Cincinnati-style cheese coney dog or fresh baked Tony’s deep dish cheese or pepperoni pizza, glazed carrots, spring cookie, milk.

(Fresh fruits, vegetables, salads and subs/wraps available daily)

Milan Elementary School

Monday: Hot dog on bun, carrots, french fries, fruit, milk.

Tuesday: Chicken casserole, mashed potatoes, lima beans, roll, fruit, milk.

Wednesday: Pretzel and cheese, broccoli, pork and beans, fruit, milk.

Thursday: Spaghetti with meat sauce, lettuce salad, tomatoes, roll, fruit, milk.

Friday: Pizza, black beans, corn, applesauce, graham snack, milk.