Batesville Herald Tribune, Batesville, Indiana

March 25, 2014

Morris Shamrocks learn about tornado safety

The Batesville Herald-Tribune

---- — The sixth meeting of the Morris Shamrocks 4-H Club was called to order March 10 by Courtney Huntington, according to reporter Sarah Ronnebaum.

Roll call was “What was the color of your first bike?” with 29 members present and one new member. The secretary’s report was given by Huntington. The treasurer’s report was read by Julie Dudley. Inspirations were by Austin Shreve. Songs were lead by Alex Dudley, Maria Hartman and Amelia Hartman.

For new business, members read out of the newsletter about upcoming events and project workshops. Also, 4-H camp sign-ups are here again. “We had older members speak about their experiences at camp,” Ronnebaum noted.

For old business, those in attendance were told to keep collecting cans.

For health and safety, Tyler Kuntz said, “‘Since it is tornado season, when you hear a warning or siren, make sure you go to your basement or center of your house.’” Drew Wagner added that it is almost planting season. Pull over and slow down because it is hard for tractors to do so.

Demonstrations were given by Hartman and Kuntz.

Maria Hartman motioned for adjournment, and Liam Ludwig seconded that motion.